The Part Time Job Search


I discussed yesterday that I quit my job and that I am already a rich person in terms of the value I have in my life, but that won’t pay for my food, shelter, and gym membership. I do have several months of living expenses in savings… I could probably go until 2011 if I really wanted, but I would rather have some part time income and not dip into the savings and take money out of retirement accounts.

I also actually like working, especially in the hospitality industry, because I get a kick out of meeting new people and getting social interaction. Basically I just need a job to pay the bills with while I focus on building other businesses, so I want something that could be fun!

From that angle I’m considering applying for 3 types of jobs:

  • Bartender – I dream of being a bartender in an Irish pub and since I one day hope to own a Piano Bar, this will be useful experience.
  • Server – Most likely fine dining as that’s my experience.
  • Pizza Delivery Driver – They supply the moped and I get to make people’s days delivering them wonderful smelly tasty goodness.Ā  I can also compare notes with Deliver Away Debt, who’s delivering pizzas as a side job to eliminate his debt!

Each of these jobs involves serving things, which I seem to enjoy.Ā  I think that stems from wanting to help others.Ā  In these instances I’m helping people with their need for food or entertainment.Ā  Although I almost never consume the products that I’m serving such as pizza delivery, alcohol (well sometimes šŸ˜‰ ), or fine dining, it’s still fun to meet people as they’re willing to pay me to do so.Ā  Each of these jobs are also attractive to me because:

  • They can be worked in the evening hours.
  • Hours are flexible so I can take off days I need without trouble.
  • They don’t require undesired business travel.
  • They involve physical activity so I’m not sitting on my a$$ all day.
  • They can be fun (anything can be – it’s all about perspective).
  • They’re easily replaceable.
  • They pay decent considering their low barriers to entry ($12-$20 / hr depending).

Those are some very valuable traits to me, and I haven’t found too many other jobs that can fit that definition.Ā  What do you think?Ā  Any other ideas for a fun decent paying part time job?

As I begin the search tomorrow, I’ll share my resume ideas, how I target the search, and other tips I use to get the attention of a slave owner employer…

This may also turn into a short series about the steps needed to get a job and how to creatively do it… exciting stuff!

Investing Newbie

Of the three you mentioned, I do like bartender the most. I know you were once a bartender, so maybe going back to that occupation might not be the most attractive. But, it is the one job that has the most variety. Every day is a different day.

Meg North
Bartending is fun! I went to bartending school and had a great part-time gig on a boat. You get to meet new people, opening beer cans and serving rum and Cokes is easy-peasy, you’ll make friends with the other servers and cooks where you work, and there’s some decent physical activity – filling ice, fetching more bottles, slicing fruit for garnishes, and busy Saturday nights. Also, it’s better than waiting tables because your tip is instant, rather than waiting until they finish dinner. Fifty cents here and fifty cents there really adds up! .-= Meg North´s last blog ..The Waters… Read more »
David @ MBA briefs
Hi Ryan, sorry I haven’t checked in sooner. Congrats on ditching the 9 to 5, I’m sure there are a lot of envious people out there. Considering your background and ambitions I think bartending would work great for you, although anything that allows you to network in the Waikiki area would be a plus. Plus who knows how much in tips you actually make šŸ˜‰ Don’t limit yourself to things you’ve done in the past and familiar jobs, you could also do tutoring, fitness training, web design, etc. You’re only limited by your imagination. Here’s one that might be way… Read more »
Meg North

Here’s hoping the job search is going well. I named my piano Humphrey because my mother’s favorite movie is Casablanca, so “As Time Goes By” is the first piano song I can ever remember hearing. Plus, it’s an antique from the ’40s, anyway. šŸ™‚ Good luck on finding something you can do!
.-= Meg North´s last blog ..The Waters We Pour … =-.


Hi Ryan,

Hmmm, I think number 3 works out well šŸ™‚ All three are great ways to earn some coin. I would have been a bartender but the hours are just too late for me. If you go the pizza route shoot me an email can I can give you some pointers. It is great money and I LOVE THE JOB.

Good luck!!!
.-= Jeff´s last blog ..How to Calculate Net Worth =-.

Koodos to you for ditching the 9-5! Not sure if you’re hooked up, but if you’re looking to meet people (aka potential significant other- Nicholas Cage did it, so can you!), maybe being a server is a good idea! Besides, you can “work your way up” to work at the higher-end restaurants were serving is a real career and they make good $. Bartending sounds fun too! You get to see people all drunk and having a good time, people are fighting for you attention to be served, and you can be creative! Plus you can meet people as well… Read more »

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Financial Samurai

Bartending to meet chicks for sure!

What about starting a male escort service? Seriously, there are a lot of very wealthy and lonely women in Hawaii. Could be huge!
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Hello Ryan, I too left my job. I worked for the state of CA and the pay was deminishing. I don’t drink myself, but daughters fiance’ paid his was through college at CSUS bartending – so I know the money is there.
I am working at my business, promoting my product and hoping that the future will be brighter than today! I am certain that it will be.
Keep working toward your goals. Have you written them down? I am sure that you will do well in life! Thanks for sharing….


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I’ve daydreamed a bit about getting a part-time job as well. The server position at a nice restaurant sounds the nicest to me. Though I don’t eat at fine dining establishments that much, it’d be cool to be around the nice environment.

I’d like the social interaction aspect of it, although it could be rough dealing with rude customers.

Although it’s not as flexible, working on a cruise ship sounds nice too!
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