Personal Finance for College Students – An Interview With MD of Studenomics


MD from Studenomics discusses personal finance, but for college students and those looking to just start their career. In this quick interview with MD we’ll learn about his blogging experience and advice for college students and their money. For more interviews, check out the personal finance bloggers interviews page.

How’d you get started with your blog, Studenomics?

I always wanted to help people with either their fitness or finances. I searched the web for months looking for personal finance sources. Then I found out that most sources were just normal people that were called “personal finance bloggers.” I spent a month writing articles and then I bought my domain name!

Do you have a favorite post on your blog?

the ultimate financial survival guide for new college student.


What personal finance lessons do you think are most important to students?

1. You must work.
2. You must get into the habit of saving money.

By working you will slowly start to understand the value of money.
Putting in so much effort just to earn a paycheck will hopefully shape
your future financial decision.

By saving money you will also get to see how simple personal finance
really is. Putting aside $20 a week will yield you over a grand a year.

Do you think students should get credit cards?

Yes. Blaming credit card companies for debt is like blaming fast food restaurants for being heavy. They are simply a part of life. The sooner you learn how to use them, the sooner that you can have credit cards as a financial tool. Students enrolled in business administration degree courses or other business based courses will need to learn financing especially if they plan to make a career out of it.

If I gave you $20,000 today, what would you do with it?

Go on vacation. After that I would invest this money into my website. I’m a huge supporter of coaching services and forced accountability. I would do everything in my power to grow my blog.

As you make your way into the real world after college life how do you think your blog will evolve?

The topics will drastically change. There will be more relevant posts on job interviews, unconventional career thoughts, traveling and what not. Even though I worked full time through college, I was still a “student,” meaning that I frankly behaved like one. As my behavior changes as will my thought process. I see the blog evolving through more complex and thought-provoking topics.

Other than personal finance blogs, what are some other favorite blogs you read?

I’m a fan of MMA, so I like to read a few blogs on that topic.

If you’re like to check out MD’s blog on personal finance stop over at studenomics