Free Balance Sheet


If you’re looking to track your finances it’s a lot easier with a consistent balance sheet. So why not use a Free Balance Sheet?

I’ve found a great free balance sheet over at millionaire systems, which is a website run by Gary Keller who’s a real estate millionaire and has several great books about building wealth.

This particular balance sheet is one that I’m also using to track my finances behind the scenes of this blog.  An image of the free balance sheet is below along with a link to the website where you can download it as an excel file.

Free Balance Sheet download

This leads directly to the page where you can download the sheet. It’s under the fourth book (millionaire real estate investor) and within that category is the third download. It’s named “Personal Balance Sheet”

Hope this helps in your journey towards documenting your financial success.



Eliminating debt and having a properly run budget is something I wish to concentrate more on in 2010. Thanks for the link, I got some nice simple spreadsheets that will help me with this.



Hey Ryan,

My wife is due with our third child any moment now, which means an extra mouth to feed on the same income, setting up a budget and sticking to it is something that I want to become a habit in 2010, with the intent of a more stricter goal in regards to massive debt elimination in 2011, once were over the adjustment period of extra costs.

I like how your attacking life at the moment with your move to Hawaii, great blog, I have added it to my reader.




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