Creating a Millionaire “to-do list”


Million Dollar ClubI’m sure you’ve heard people say: “you are who you hang out with” and “you’ll end up a lot like the people you spend the most time with.” Today, I took that to heart and decided to hang out with a bunch of millionaires!

I’d like to say that we all flew to Lake Tahoe to meet at an ultra exclusive resort to smoke cigars, discuss our enormous amounts of wealth, and compare trophy wifes, but that’d be a lie. In fact, the very idea of that might’ve just made me throw up in my mouth a bit.

I actually decided to join a neat little group of people who are committed to being millionaires at some point in their life. Having this common ground with others is something I find really attractive and one of the main reasons I have started blogging.

J over at Budgets are Sexy came up with the idea and I happen to think it’s a keeper. In order to join the club I have to make a millionaire “to-do list” which will help me in my quest to the million dollar grail.

My Millionaire to-do list:
1. I will track my net worth at least once a month to monitor my progress.

2. I will take full advantage of available 401k and IRA options in my life.

3. I will continue to live a minimalist life in order to defer gratification and become financially free.

4. I will consider this a pursuit to freedom and the ability to help others rather than the ability to spend it on unnecessary things.

5. I will constantly “fail forward” and try new business ideas to fund my millionaire goal.

6. I will continue to blog daily in planting dollars to continuously grow my financial knowledge.

That felt pretty good to write!

I’m committed to being financial successful, which for me basically means freedom, so that I can explore my passions, talents, and this world without the limitations of 9-5.

J. Money

Love it! #3 and #5 are brilliant, and great things to keep in mind which a lot of people don’t. I’ll see you on the beach in 20 years!


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Financial Samurai

“Fail Forward”, I like the concept! Would you like to write a guest post on my site about it a little more? No worries if not too 🙂

Welcome to the club! Looks like the list is growing handsomely!


Sounds like a great plan, and one I hope brings you a lot of success. I’ll add my praise for the ‘fail forward’ concept, it sounds like something great to keep in mind for all of us as we try to improve our situation in life. Good luck on reaching one million; it’s quite a goal, and I hope to see you there!