An Interview with Bob from Christian PF


Bob from has graciously allowed me to pick his brain about blogging and his experiences with personal finance. Bob is a full time blogger who has an amazing post on his story of escaping the rat race to become a full time online entrepreneur.

What was, and is the greatest motivator for you to work on your blog each day?
It is still the same as it was in the beginning. I wanted to create a site to help people (not just Christians) learn to save their money, make more of it, invest it wisely, and give it to better the lives of others.

What makes your blog stand out from the others in the PF blogosphere?
Tough question to answer, but I guess looking at personal finance topics using timeless Biblical principles isn’t something you see on every PF blog.

Where do you see your blog headed in the next few years?
Not sure yet, I just intend to continue writing and building the site as best as I know how. But having done this now for almost 3 years I can say that things are a whole lot different now than when I started and I imagine the same will be true 3 years from now.

What’s your favorite post on your site and why?
Probably the article I wrote about how to make money from a blog. I had people asking me about it all the time and it was nice to just kinda do a 7000 word brain dump on the subject. As a former slave to the rat-race I particularly enjoyed writing about how I escaped it as well.

What is the best financial book you ever read and why?
I guess I have probably read about 20-25 books on personal finance and I still love Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover the best. I think it is a masterpiece of a book. While it can be easily argued that it isn’t perfect financial advice for every reader, it is great general advice that would change our country if more people followed it.

If I gave you $1 million dollars right now (post tax of course), what would you do with it?
Probably give 25% to our church as we are building a new building. Replace my 98 Taurus with an Acura. Pay off the house. Send Ryan to the Great Barrier Reef to go scuba diving 😉

Have you ever lived a mobile lifestyle as a digital nomad? If not, how would you go about attempting that?
I guess the answer is yes, since I am a full-time blogger, I work from various locations already. My wife and I have talked about spending a month or two in another city – because the web worker life allows it.

Besides home, where is your favorite place in the world?
Just about any sandy beach.

Do you invest in real estate at all?
Nothing more than my own house at this point. It is on the list of to dos but it will only be with cash. Right now I am particularly interested in virtual real estate (web sites).

What’s your favorite investment vehicle?
Businesses. Having studied a bit about stock investing, I never really considered taking Warren Buffett’s preferred approach – buying businesses rather than stocks. They can be the same thing, but they can also be completely different things as well.

Would you ever scuba dive with sharks?
Only Great Whites – life is too short to swim with Tiger Sharks 😉

Thanks again to Bob for taking the time to answer my questions. Please check out his blog at


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I saw Lisa’s video about your website in my reader this morning, so I decided to take look! To my surprise, it just took two magic words to sell me….. SCUBA DIVING! Subscribed!

BTW Ryan, where do you get your photos from? Thanks! :o)

Kiesha @ Highly Favored
Kiesha @ Highly Favored

Thanks for sharing this interview. ChristianPF is a role model site for me – its wonderful to see a site that’s so devoted to helping people succeed. I’m sorry, but I won’t be joining either or you during your scuba dive with sharks.

P.S. I found your site via 2createawebsite – she’s right, you do have a very impressive blog here. Wonderful job.
.-= Kiesha @ Highly Favored´s last blog ..Be a blessing – give your best =-.


Thanks for the opportunity Ryan!
.-= ChristianPF´s last blog ..How Much Can You Afford To Pay For A House? =-.