Retiring Early on Average Income in 10 Years

Can You Retire Early in 10 Years With an Average Job?

In order to retire in 10 years and live off passive dividend income using the 4% rule you'd have to save at least 80% of your income each year. With that said, I recently watched...
Blogging in Your Underwear

Unleash Your Creative Potential – How to Start a WordPress Blog With Bluehost

Blogging and being able to build websites has changed my life and allowed me to make thousands of dollars a month, all by doing something that I love. How you ask? By...
Fixing Up a House

House #2 – Turning a Fixer Upper Into a Rental

This is a property I purchased in 2015 and simply haven't had time to complete, but will be working on in 2017. I'll begin to track my budget and eventually return on investment...
Priceline Negotiator

Side Hustle Idea – Flexible Evening Job Working For a Travel Agency

I'm sure you've all seen the commercials with William Shatner, slashing prices as the negotiator, but you probably haven't thought of working behind the scenes for the company he's promoting. If you're looking for a...
6 Financial Tips for Millennials

6 Financial Tips for Millennials

What other financial tips would you have for millennials?
Old Camera Map and Photos

4 People Who Retired Early to Travel the World

It's possible to exit the rat race at a young age and explore the world, there are examples of people around the web doing just that. Typically the stories I see involve people saving...
How to make money running a photo booth business

How I Pay All My Bills Running a Photo Booth Part Time

I never said as a kid "when I grow up, I want to operate photo booths," but I did end up buying a pretty sweet business that works as a great side hustle in...
My First House

Buying a House in Your Twenties

So you think you're ready to get a pad for yourself? Buying a house, for many, is the single largest financial decision of their lives so It's no surprise then, that this...