All I Want for Christmas is Stocks!


Christmas at my house has always had a tradition for as long as I can remember knowing about the stock market. Without a doubt every year I would ask for the same thing. It wasn’t a new bike, it wasn’t a pair of socks, or a new TV; it was stocks. I’ve always enjoyed money, finance, asset growth, and delayed gratification so whenever Christmas, or my birthday rolled around I would write stocks at the top of the list.

However, every year I asked for stocks and every year I didn’t get stocks. The ironic thing is that my parents thought buying stocks was boring and that it would create something that I wouldn’t remember or wouldn’t enjoy as much as opening an actual gift that I could use immediately.

In hindsight I truly wish I would’ve gotten stocks all those years because I could’ve watched them grow and gotten involved in the market at an earlier age. I can’t really remember any particular gift that I’d gotten over Christmas season, except for the year I got a gun, because frankly guns are hard to forget.

I guess this post makes me sound a bit like scrooge since you should truly enjoy whatever you’re given, but I guess this is more an advice post than anything. If you have a personal finance nerd in your family who asks for stocks for Christmas, just give the kid some stocks. It’ll be a gift that keeps giving over time, will interest the kid in the stock market, and could be fun for the kid to watch and track. How is that not a gift that lasts forever?

This year again I’ve asked for stocks, so we’ll see how that goes.

Have you ever gotten stocks or investments for Christmas?

Is it weird that I want stocks for Christmas?

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Financial Samurai

My dad gave me a portfolio of stocks to take over when I was in college. Changed my life!

Are you staying with your parents this Winter Ryan? What are your future plans? Miss Hawaii? Excited to follow!

Happy Holidays,

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Get Happy Life

Never thought that someone would ask for stocks for Christmas. I wouldn’t say it’s weird, but rather uncommon thing.

I wish my parents gave me a stock portfolio for Christmas.
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Its not werid. I didn’t want anything for Xmas – not even socks. My wife decided that I needed a handkerchief, so got me 2. Almost like socks.