There are so many different places to invest your money that it may seem a bit overwhelming. Do you buy stocks, bonds, real estate, or a share of a business your cousin is starting? What do you look for in an investment, and what are common mistakes people make while investing? Is buy and hold still an option, or should you day trade? There’s a lot to consider when investing, and this page is a good primer for learning the basics.

This page has a ton of information and is divided into the following sections:

Investing 101
What are you investing options?
Degress of risk with investing
Why do some investments make more than others?
What’s the least risky investment?
Why should you invest your money in the first place?

How do I make money with bonds?
Where can I buy bonds?
What are the different type of bonds?

Why should you invest in stocks?
Are stocks risky?
What exactly are stocks?
Where can I buy stocks?
What are common fees when buying stocks?
How is stock performance measured?
How to read a stock chart

What is an annuity?
Are annuities a good investment?
What’s a good rate of return on an annuity?

Real Estate
How to get started investing in real estate
The different types of real estate investing risk
How to grow your real estate business from scratch
How to analyze real estate

Index Funds
What is an index fund?
Why should I invest in index funds?
What are the most popular index funds?
Why index funds are good for non experienced investors

Retirement Accounts

– These type of accounts allow you to place your investments in tax shelters so your money can grow without the government taking a cut. In return you’ll have to leave your money sit until retirement (usually), to avoid getting a penalty. The most popular types of retirement accounts include:

Roth IRA – Visit our page on Roth IRA’s
401k Plans – Visit our section on 401k plans

Investing Books
If you’d like to learn how to invest like a pro these are some great books you can read to learn more.

-The intelligent investor – Benjamin Graham
-Investing in Stocks –
-Millionaire real estate investor – Gary Keller