Welcome to 2011, Let’s Make it a Good One


It’s been 2011 for approximately 12 hours and not much has changed… yet, but this year is going to be great. I’m not sure about you, but 2010 was a year for me that was simply okay. I lived in Hawaii for about three quarters of the year, launched Planting Dollars at the beginning of the year and did some investing, but I didn’t really feel like I challenged myself all that much, which I’m going to be changing more so in 2011.

What’s 2010 go in store for me?
I’ve been building a ton of niche websites in the background and doing freelance writing work which is getting me more confident in earning income solely with an internet connection. I hope to strengthen my existing sites, and build more niche websites and hopefully be comfortable enough to perhaps buy a one way plane ticket somewhere new. But where should I go?

I plan on staying in Wisconsin for at least a few more months until I decide my next move, but in the meantime I’m saving a bit of cash and enjoying being around friends and family.

I’m excited about 2011 as I think the constant buzz of recession! recession! will finally subside a little although I think it’ll still loom.

I see 2011 as a year of building a solid foundation and enjoying the little things with friends and family. I’m excited and think it’ll be a great year.

How about you? What are your plans for 2011?

Do you think it’s going to be better than 2010?

Financial Samurai

I think 2011 will rock b/c corporations don’t have to fear government persecution with higher taxes and will HIRE people again!

Online advertisement is going to continue to improve for the space thanks to the recovering economy. We should be able to hit $100,000/month for Yakezie Members by the end of the year if everyone pitches in!

Have a great one mate! Look forward to reading about your journey!
Cheers, Sam

Get Happy Life

I am glad you are so ambitious, Ryan!

About the niche website network, don’t you think it would be wiser if you concentrated your efforts on fewer websites, rather than on a whole palette of different niches?
I know that diversifying your mini “market entrances” might seem like a good idea for increased chances of success, but ultimately doesn’t it mean that you devote less and less time to your existing websites?