The Power of Why


Have you ever encountered one of those really annoying kids who constantly asks why? Why do we do this, why do we do that, why, why, why? You may want to slap the little satin child, but in actuality, that satin child may be smarter than you. Why you ask 😉 ?

The kid who asks why the most often understands the most because he gets the most answers. He’s an inquisitive little bugger, but as a result, he’s gained more knowledge and a broader understanding of what he’s asking about. No question is more powerful than the question of why.

Each day we can use the power of why to decipher why we make the choices we do and how to lead a better life. Why directly leads us to the source of our behavior and as a result makes us understand what we’re doing and more importantly the underlying motivation for doing so.

A few days ago I asked “Why do you want to be financially free?” Here are some other questions you should ask why to.

Why do you go to work each day? If your answer is money, why do you work for money?

Why have you still not accomplished your dreams?

Why do you drive the car you do? Why do you even drive a car at all?

Why do you want to be a millionaire? Why do you want to be rich?

Look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself some serious why questions. I can’t promise you’ll like the answers, but I can promise you’ll be one step closer to understanding yourself and how you operate.

In your life you will be faced with limitless choices and your most powerful ally in determining the answer to those questions is going to be simply asking the question, why? Use it often and use it wisely.

How often do you ask yourself why?

What things do you often wonder why about?

Why are you reading this article?

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Okay, I will try to answer it. Why do you work for money? I want money to fulfill my pleasure needs. You see, all living creatures relentlessly seek pleasures. That is our goal. Whatever you do, you do it for pleasure. Even some twisted being who self-inflict pain is doing so to gain some other pleasure. I call it pleasure pyramid. And you need three things to achieve pleasure. No, money is not one of those three things. The three things are information, energy, health. Money is a manifestation of information. We cannot always get the pleasure we want because… Read more »
Kiesha @ Highly Favored
Kiesha @ Highly Favored
I guess I’m one of those inquisitive little buggers – that’s why I’m reading this. But you’re absolutely on point – too many people don’t ask “why.” I think that’s because the answer is in fact very scary. However, if more people did ask the question “Why” there’d be more understanding and less racism, sexism, and whatever-other-ism you want to name. Why? Because when you discover the reason why the hungry homeless man robbed the gas station, it makes him less criminal and more human. When discover why the young so-called thug so drugs, we’d probably learn that he did… Read more »
Kiesha @ Highly Favored
Kiesha @ Highly Favored

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Have a wonderful day!
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Little House

I’m constantly asking myself the “why” question. Like, why have I been lazy and not riding my bike as much? I love my bike, but the chilly mornings are discouraging me. This weekend, I had an epiphany on why I live in a suburb of LA when it’s really dirty and smoggy? My answer is to move out of LA county this summer. I think that asking yourself “why” is beneficial and can be life altering. As long as your answer is an intelligent, well-thought out one.
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Investing Newbie

Well to answer one “Why?” I’m reading this article because you always have inspiring words. It’s like reading a daily mantra that relaxes me before I have to tackle whatever the day brings me.

I don’t do the Why too often because it sometimes perpetuates inaction. If I don’t have a “valid” enough answer to my “Why,” I then become confused and discouraged. Sometimes, I feel it is better to answer some “Whys” with a “Why Not?” and to carry on.
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Finding the right answers to your question should inspire action. I would submit if your question ends with inaction (deer in the headlights) you have not quite got the question right. Using the lean approach, it is important to keep asking why until you come to the root cause of your problem or opportunity. You are going the right direction, maybe you are just not going far enough.

“Always ask Why 5 times to every matter.” – Taiichi Ohno

More info on the “5 Whys” –
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