Planting Goals for 2010


As I browse the PF blogosphere the day before 2010, many bloggers writing their new years resolutions seem to have a fair amount of distain and “good riddance 2009” type mentality towards the previous year.

Although 2009 wasn’t my best year ever it was a year of growth, of building a base and I believe it was necessary. I wouldn’t be where I am today without yesterday, right? I look forward to 2010 being a year full of new experiences, relationships, and goals achieved. I don’t know about you, but I’m excited!

Although I believe goals should be something you constantly work towards, no matter what day of the year is, I’ve prepared a list of goals for 2010 that will help solidify my overall goals and break down my life goals into bite able chunks.

Finance & Business
I will become debt free in 2010.
I will find a nightclub bartender position by Feburary of 2010.
I will launch a shopify store and have at least $500 a month profit by June.
I will write a book (on a pre-determined niche) that will sell at least 2,000 copies.

Health and Wellness
I’m going to get ripped this year… just a heads up. Moving to Hawaii was one of my better choices as I’m constantly biking, playing in the water, or at the gym along the beach.

By the end of the year I will be…
Benching 350
Squatting 400
Achieving one of my life goals of 6% bodyfat.
I’m currently at about 205, but will be 190 by year’s end.

I hope to meet many more people via both blogging, through finding my bartending position, and being active in the local community. It’s challenging to put an exact number on this, but making one or two good friends each month is a good goal to shoot for.

Travel & Recreation
This year I will travel to Aneheim, California and Maui.
I will complete at least 100 logged dives and have dove with Tiger Sharks.
I will learn to surf
I will find a piano to play on in Honolulu by March.

This blog is an infant, just learning to walk, but by this time next year I will have it running at full stride.

This blog will reach the level of 150,000 page views in a month by years end and will have at least one post each day.

In Conclusion
These goals, like my life goals, are just basic ideas and will adapt as I grow and learn, but I believe they are all very possible.

I wish you the best of success in 2010 and we’ll see you next year!

Free Life
These sound like great goals. If you could accomplish even half of these goals I’d say it will be a pretty successful 2010. I have decided for 2010 I am going to focus on 6 habits I want to change in my life. By changing my habits I will be transforming into the person I want to be. I also have life goals I want to accomplish and my habits will help me head in the right direction towards the goals. I’ve read through your blog and so far I like what I’ve read. I’ve recently started my own blog… Read more »

Shopify? It’s like etsy right? I’m new gonna look around a bit to see what all the hub bub is about.