Planting Dollars Still Here After a Month of Giving it the Ol College Try


college-houseIt’s hardly an accomplishment for most bloggers, but I’ve made it a month typing away about personal finance, my journey, and other assorted (hopefully related) subjects. I’m just beginning to scratch the surface of many of the topics I’d like to write about and discuss, so the prospect of what this blog has the potential to be is something I find very exciting.

Still being fresh to this arena I’ve been pleasantly surprised that there weren’t any hazing rituals along the way (such as those in Animal House, just online!) and that the vast majority of fellow bloggers I’ve contacted have been absolutely stellar in their responses and general outlook.

I really appreciate bloggers like Sam, Jacob, and Patrick who let me guest post on their sites while still being fresh. Also thank you to Adrian, Baker, Greg, and David for taking the time to take time out of your schedules to email me directly with my questions and concerns.

This is obviously just the tip of the iceberg so I’m excited to continue to build bonds with other bloggers, provide valuable content to readers of this blog, and continue to track my own journey.

Thanks again to all who have stopped by to read and comment on my new site as it begins to sprout from a seed and is beginning it’s journey to a big Planting Dollars Tree!


Good stuff Ryan. I’d say most bloggers dont make it past a month or two, so you’re almost there!


No hazing, heck we don’t waste our time with newbies like you. You have to wait until your at least 6 months old… then watch out! hehehe…

Ryan, you are doing great, keep it up! Congrats for making it this far. I saw a statistic recently that indicates 90% of blogs don’t survive the first 30 days. Look at that, you are alread part of the elite!


Congrats on this accomplishment (There are too many orphaned blogs out there). Looking forward to reading your blog 6 months from now. Cheers!