Money Hackers Carnival #110 – Burning the Midnight Oil


Well it’s back to college for me tonight. After receiving the password to review the carnival submissions (there were over 70) at 10pm it’s going to be a long night here at the ol internet cafe so I just want to apologize with the lack of creativity due to only being able to review submissions at the last minute.

I was able to test my speed reading abilities and have highlighted some of my faves that lit my midnight fire! Which one’s are your favorite?

Enjoy this weeks submissions in the Money Hackers Network Carnival!

Editors (that’s me!) Picks

LSI Featured on Money Hackers Carnival! | Learn Save Invest

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Oh how I remember those college years 🙂 Since I’m up next week I guess I’d better get some extra sleep on Monday night. Not that I sleep much now anyway.

Thanks for picking my post to be in the Editor’s Pick section.
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Scott Barron

In response to “How Does a Bank Make Money @ Debt Kid” article.

I worked at JP Morgan Chase for many years. What people still find amazing is that banks make a good portion of their money on fees. Many times, the bank is not the actual “investor” but a “servicer”. Home loans for example, Fannie & Freddie were the main investor, however it was Chase that serviced the client. Making the fees a big part of our income.
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Noah Rainey

This blog post looks like a bunch of spam.
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FIRE Finance

Thanks for hosting the carnival and including our post. Best wishes ahead :).
FIRE Finance
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Learn Save Invest

Thanks for putting me in your editor’s picks! I love your blog and am honored to be in your list. Thanks!
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Jeremy Johnson

Thanks for the useful links – I particularly liked the 9 dividend stocks one.
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You did an awesome job on the carnival!!! Great variety! Thanks for picking me for editors pix!!!! i’m so impressed you’re doing this blog, carnival AND college. you are destined for success!
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Thanks for including me!

Money Beagle

Great job and thanks for hosting. One item of note, I didn’t get an e-mail letting me know that I was in the carnival. If you didn’t send this out, you might want to as there could be lots of people who don’t even know that they were included.
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Thanks for hosting the carnival! Keep up the great work…. A few more points and you will be ranked in 2nd on the Alexa Challenge. It will then be a little more accurate than it is now 🙂
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Thanks for hosting!
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J. Money

Thx for hosting my friend! Here’s to a great weekend 🙂

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Austin @
Austin @

Thanks for these useful links!


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Aury (Thunderdrake)

Ooph. I’m really going to want to get involved in these blog carnivals soon. They look like a lot of fun ^_^
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National Debt Relief Program

I googled “Midnight Oil Beds Are Burning” – and I found this site!! 😀