Invaluable Advice for Starting a Personal Finance Blog


What do Bargaineering, FrugalDad, and Cleverdude have in common?  They’re all personal finance bloggers that were kind enough to shed light on how they became successful in their niche and how others, such as myself, can be successful there as well.

Personal Finance blogging can be a bit intimidating at first. It’s a bit like undressing your wallet and flipping off the ever present money taboo in 300-500 word chunks. Sound Appealing to you?

Alright, it might not be that extreme, but it makes me feel a lot cooler if it was.

If you’re interested in blogging about personal finance I recommend checking out these great resources.  I must have read each of these dozens of times before finally taking the leap.

It’s as Easy as 1, 2, 3…
Jim Wang at Bargaineering developed his 25 Steps To A Wildly Successful Personal Finance Blog which was the best walk-thru of the process I’ve seen thus far. He included what wordpress plugins he enjoys, useful tools such as Newegg and Sitemeter, along with what affiliate marketing sites he uses, such as the ever popular Google Adsense.

50 Tips for Starting a PF Blog
Clever Dude developed a list of 50 tips for new personal finance bloggers which also gives some insight into his experiences and even his mistake of using flickr images without crediting the photographers. He really emphasises focusing on content and reminds us that “content is king” and that will never change.

Setting Goals for Your Blog
Frugal dad has a great post about setting goals for your personal finance blog. This post really motivated me when starting this blog (and still does). What’s so great about it? It shows results and what’s possible if you stick to blogging consistently. Frugaldad created a system, tracked the results, and reported his findings. He demonstrated that anyone willing to put in the hard work can achieve his success. Frugal Dad’s Success Tracking