How to Lose a Million Dollars… or Three!


It’s been said that spending money is a bit easier than making it, but I think I’d have to work pretty hard to spend as much as a U.K. lottery winner did.

A 16 year old British girl, Callie Rogers, was lucky enough to win $3 million dollars, (1.9 million pounds)…  and guess what she did? She spent it all!  No shock there, since the majority of lottery winners actually end up in a horrible financial mess, but I was impressed with just how she spent her money and how quickly she was able to do it. At the time of her interview she was 22, and when she won the money she was 16. Times change quickly.

If you were wondering how to lose a million dollars… or three, here’s how she did it:

  • $400,000 in cocaine
  • $730,000 in designer clothes
  • Houses for her grandparents, parents, and herself.

Supposedly she only has about $32,000 left in her account after she blew it all.  At least she’s not belly up!

If you’d like to learn more Check out her full interview