How Much Will My Paycheck be After Taxes?


I recently started a new job and haven’t received my first paycheck yet. I’m fully aware of my gross income, but I’m wondering, how much will my paycheck be after taxes? Frankly, I’m a little too lazy to manually calculate the Social Security (which I’ll never see), FICA, State, and Federal taxes.

In my search for an easy way to cure this conundrum I stumbled up a nifty website that I’d like to share with you over at Paycheck City.

After entering my gross pay, my dependents (0 that I’m aware of), and a few other details I was able to predict how much my paycheck would be after taxes. However, you’ll have to check out my finances, if you want to know how much that amount is.

This works great for us who are still receiving steady pay from an employer, but for small business owners you’re probably going to have to call up your CPA.


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