Motivation for Getting Out of Debt


So you’re in debt, you know you need to get out of debt because you’ve read that it’s something that can destroy your credit, finances, and in a very real sense, your lifestyle. It can also affect your health and those annoying bill collectors sure don’t help. Although I can’t get rid of your debt for you I can give you a few motivational tips for getting out of debt.

1. Get Mad

This doesn’t exactly sound like the most rational thing in the world, but if you get mad at your debt, and humanize it by creating it as an enemy or nemesis you’ll be more apt to attack it rather than let it sit idly by. I’ve heard this has worked for people and there’s even a great site that gives motivation for attacking debt at enemy of debt. If you make it a fight you’ll be more likely to not let debt continue in your life. Stand up for yourself and fight debt!

2. Create Reminders

You may have heard that the best way to learn a new language is to put post it notes around your house to remind yourself about what each word is in that language. You can do this same thing with your debt. Create post it notes, posters, and reminders all around your house that constantly reinforce that you’re going to beat this!

3. Imagine a Life Without Debt

What would you life be like without your debt? Would you have more money because you’re not paying high interest rates? Would you have more time because you could afford to work less? Perhaps you won’t receive any more annoying phone calls during dinner from debt collectors.

A life without debt is a great thing to imagine and is much more peaceful than carrying high balances at high interest rates. Close your eyes for a minute, imagine your ideal debt free life and use that to motivate yourself towards getting rid of your debt. Do this each and everyday to reinforce your motivation and become absolute in your resolve.

4. Enlist Support

It’s hard going it alone and if you don’t have a support cast it’s an uphill battle. One of the hardest things to admit to others is that you’re in debt. Often people feel ashamed or that they’re not a good person because of their debt. This simply is not true, you are better than you know, but you need to beat your debt.

You can either get family or friends to support you and check up on your progress or join forums online where others are also going through the same problems. Dealing with your debt doesn’t have to be lonely, and you might even make some friendships along the way with people dealing with the same challenges.

5. Track your Debt Goals

Tracking goals is the best way to make sure you’re on the right track. If you want to pay off $2,000 in debt don’t just say you want to pay it off. Give yourself a roadmap by giving yourself a due date of when you’d like to accomplish this and how you plan on doing it.

Tangible goals are much more likely to be accomplished rather than fluffy vague ones.

6. Learn From Others

Many folks have been right where you are, in debt, and not exactly sure how to beat it. We’ve created a page just about debt stories that will get you motivated when you see the huge hurdles others have also overcome. If they’ve done it, you can do it too!

Are You Motivated to Get Out of Debt?

Start your journey or find more motivation on our page showing you how to get out of debt.