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Cheap home renovation kitchen

by Ryan

Home renovating can be an incredibly stressful and costly undertaking, but it doesn’t always have to be. A recent article I stumbled upon over a yahoo, shows how one couple did a cheap home renovation that looked great and probably saved them tens of thousands in the process. With the average home remodel costing tens of thousands of dollars (see national averages here), saving even 10% off a job can be huge, but doing the whole thing for only a few grand, including decorating? That’s simply awesome!

Not only did they save themselves a ton of money up front, but oftentimes renovations are financed through a second mortgage, which increases payments and the amount of interest you’ll pay over the life of the loan. You can easily see the monthly cost of a renovation funded by a second mortgage by using this helpful mortgage calculator from emortgage.

So what did the couple do that saved them bundles?

Creative and Cheap Home Renovation Ideas

Beginning with the most desired and costly area to renovate, the kitchen, the couple spent approximately $60 by using an outdoor finishing paint on the sub-flooring, and re-painting and applying wood putty to the cabinets to give them a fresh look. Judging by the image above, it’s worth every cent.

For furniture the kitchen table was constructed from reclaimed lumber and cost only $11 for screws to put together. Other accessories included shelving which was found at local antique stores for under $100, wooden crates, reclaimed windows, furniture that was going to the curb, craigslist deals, and flea market finds.

Some of my favorites included:

“Office doors, $78: Fifty-eight dollars’ worth of hardware—including casters and plumbing pipes—transformed two salvaged $10 doors into a barn-style entry.”

“Artwork, $14.99 each: Simple Target frames turn blueprints of the Knottses’ home into art.”

“Shelving, $80: Michael shelled out less than $100 to devise this plywood shelving unit, now outfitted with $19.99 baskets from Target.”

To see more examples of creative home renovation and decorating ideas check out the article where you’ll find more pictures and specifics.

A house is a consumer item, and there are always creative ways to get products cheaper by thinking outside the box. By doing work yourself, getting creative, and using alternative products you can easily create a warm, welcoming, and envied home that won’t break the bank.

What are some cheap home renovation ideas you’ve done in the past or have seen done by others?

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