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Today’s personal finance blogger interview is with W of Well-Heeled. Well-Heeled Blog is a personal finance blog on savvy living which includes building a solid financial foundation for tomorrow while enjoying life today.

Read below to learn more about W’s experiences as a blogger and her own financial journey.

Is well heeled your first blog? How did you originally start blogging?
I’ve had a few blogs before Well-Heeled Blog, but they all died out after a few months. Well-Heeled has definitely been my longest-running blog.

What motivates you to continue your blog? Money, community, getting your ideas on paper… etc?
I’m motivated to keep blogging because I am genuinely interested in personal finance issues, and because I’ve found such a great community of personal finance bloggers and readers. The interactions in the blogosphere and with readers keeps me writing even when I go through blogging ‘dry spells’.

What was the best financial book you’ve ever read?
The The Four Pillars of Investing is one of my favorites. It’s got history of modern investing, theories of asset allocation, and examination of investor psychology all rolled into one (pretty thick) book.

What makes your blog different than all the other PF blogs out there? When people think of Well-Heeled, what should they think?
I hope people can relate to my stories and find my writing interesting. I hope it’s a fun blog for them to visit. 🙂 Most of all, I don’t want to present personal finance as boring or weird or miserly, because that’s not how most people live financially responsible lives.

If I gave you $1 million (post tax) right now, what would you do with it?
Well, first I’d give you a really, big, BIG hug! Then I’d probably put all that money into a savings account and give myself a month to mentally dive into my pit of money a la Uncle Scoorge in Duck Tales cartoon. Ultimately, I’d probably put $500K in my personal retirement savings, $100K to my parents, $50K to my boyfriend and for us to take a BIG trip – Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, perhaps? ;), and another $350K to put aside for short-term investment and future graduate school costs.

What does financial freedom mean to you?
Financial freedom means that money will never have to be THE most important factor in my decision-making process, whether that pertains to work, relationships, family, etc.

Where do you see your blog headed in the next few years?

I’m not sure… I hope to keep blogging and learning, but blogs have to evolve to survive and that’s something I’m struggling with right now – how to keep Well-Heeled Blog fresh and relevant.

Do you have any unique stories of how your blog has helped others in their lives?
I’ve received emails from readers who tell me that a post really spoke to them or to share their experience with something I’m going through. Honestly I think they help me as much as the blog might help them.

Special thanks to W who gave me the privilege of interviewing her. Please check out her blog at


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