8 Random Things about Me


I was tagged by David at MBA Briefs in a chain challenge started by Eliminate the Muda that encourages personal finance bloggers to open up about themselves a little more so the rest of the community gets to know each blogger.

Seeing as though I’ve already wrote a lengthy about page I’m not sure if I really need to tell you 8 more things about myself, but well… what the heck!

  1. I’ve been unlucky enough to break bones on 5 separate occasions. This includes my thumb, wrist, hand, foot, and rib(s).
  2. I can’t get enough of scuba and sharks! I studied abroad in Australia for the sole purpose of having the ability to dive in the Great Barrier Reef and with sharks. Shark diving, by the way, is my dream profession and something I’ve known my whole life.
  3. I’m a myers-brigg ENTP personality type.  I’m most attracted to the idea of being a renaissance man or jack of all trades.  New experiences and ideas are what motivate me, I cannot stand routine.
  4. My highest bench press thus far is 350lbs.
  5. I play the piano and drums and will eventually learn the cello. I was able to march in the rose bowl parade in high school, hope to open a piano bar in my 30’s, and play cello in a symphony orchestra when I’m older. Bach’s Cello Suite No.1 Prelude is by far the most interesting piece of music I’ve ever listened to. There’s a video of it below. (I listened to it about a dozen times while writing this post)
  6. As a kid I drove my mom crazy wanting to have a lizard as a pet, but my mom wouldn’t let me.  Now, living in Hawaii, I have lizards in my living room and I have no desire to keep them in a tank.
  7. Most of my role models are dropouts. Either high school or college, these guys went their own ways. Guys like Richard Branson, who break the mold and create businesses from scratch fascinate me. There are a few more listed here.
  8. I absolutely love Blue Moon Ice Cream.. However, I can’t seem to eat it without it getting all over my face, which makes me look like a smurf!

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Image from Willy Volk


It’s great to learn more about you.
You bench 350 pounds and swim with sharks? Those sharks don’t stand a chance!


Very cool, thanks for playing!

For me it was snakes; they make the best pets because when you want a pet they are there and when you don’t you can ignore them for weeks at a time as they eat very infrequently! Perfect pets for procrastinators.

Money Funk

You and i definitely share #3 in common. Unfortunately, my husband doesn’t understand that concept as he is the complete opposite. LOL.

And I kept those orange and black caterpillars as pets. Now I wouldn’t be able to touch them.

Great list – and I think you will make all your goals happen. It takes a ‘think out of the box’ mind to do. 😉


I enjoyed reading your post, I am from Madrid, Spain and absolutly love sharks & Bach´s cello suite n.1, also interested in financial freedom.
Is nice to hear from people with similar ideas.

Financial Samurai

You Ryan, can you tell me more about breaking your wrist?

I fooked my right one up real bad driving to the whole in a league basketball game 13 months ago, as I got fouled and landed on it. Since then, when I try and do dumbell curls, the wrist kinda pops to the right with too much weight, as it seems my ligament isn’t there anymore to support it, or is off! IT doesn’t hurt, but it’s annoying.


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Jeremy Johnson

Holy Toledo, 350 lbs. bench press. I got over 200 lbs. and I was feeling pretty good. Breaking bones definitely is no fun, I feel your pain there. I’ve had both arms broken and many fractured fingers from basketballs hitting the tips of them.
.-= Jeremy Johnson´s last blog ..How To Be A Hot Nerd =-.


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Mark Bell

Sharks would be my favourite animals too. They are so beautiful yet destructive. Unfortunately, they are so mis-understood by so many. I presume one of the purposes of your scuba business idea would be to not only provide diving for people, but education of marine animals and conservation?
.-= Mark Bell´s last blog ..Surviving a PhD – Your first year report =-.