7 Reasons You Should Consider Living a Minimalist Lifestyle


In a world bombarded with complexities, stripping life down to it’s fundamentals is so appealing. Releasing the shackles of your possessions and the stress associated with it can be done through living a minimalist lifestyle.

Here are 7 reasons why you should consider living a minimalist lifestyle:

1. It’s Hard to Lose Things – If you only own 100 things you’re more than likely not going to have a problem finding them. If you’re not wasting your time searching for things, you’ll have more time to do the activities you enjoy.

2. Moving Takes a Few Hours – A few days ago I moved into a new place. It took me a total of 3 hours and two trips on my bike with some backpacks to be completely moved in. When you’re a minimalist you won’t have to rent a u-haul truck and moving will be a breeze.

3. More Money – If you’re not spending money on stuff, you can be saving a lot more or investing it. Spending your money on investments will then, in turn, make you even more money.

4. More Time – If you don’t need to buy as much stuff, you don’t need to work as many hours to pay for it. How many hours are you working for that BMW or for your growing DVD collection?

5. Greater Sense of Self – Many people get a high from buying things and gain confidence when shopping. If you break your addiction of “stuff” you’ll have only a few possessions and yourself. Doing this will means you’ll have to find value in yourself rather than your things. This is a humbling experience as it questions who you are to the core.

6. Everything You Have Matters
– Imagine only having the things you care about in your life, where each possession is something you truly value and are grateful for. This is the feeling you’ll have as a minimalist. At the moment I only have about 5 t-shirts, but I enjoy them a lot more than when I had about 50 back home. Everything you own as a minimalist becomes your favorite and something you are sure not to lose.

7. Inner Peace – When you have less things to think about and keep track of, your mind will react and your stress levels will decrease. By living a minimalist lifestyle you’ll also jump out of the rat race, accept yourself for who you are, and stop trying to keep up with the Joneses. This will reduce a large amount of stress in your life and create inner peace.

I couldn’t stop at just 7 so here’s another bonus reason!

8. Less Waste – When you consume less you throw away less. Therefore, you’re not adding to the volumes of trash entering our landfills and polluting our waterways.

Living a Minimalist lifestyle is something you should at least try on for size. If you don’t like it, you can always go back to buying more crap. Consider your life free of clutter in which you’re less stressed, have more time, and more money.

Consider living a minimalist lifestyle.

Do you currently live a minimalist lifestyle?

If you don’t, why not?


HA – great picture. We have so many conflicting views – having less is “chic” in some regards, and poor in others.

Very-zen points: #5 & #6.
.-= FinEngr´s last blog ..Which Way Are You Outsourcing? =-.


As a hobbies woodworker the garage will never be a place of minimalism, but I wouldn’t mind taking the approach with the rest of our house. With my family…. I think I am doomed to maximalism!
.-= LeanLifeCoach´s last blog ..Money & Time, How We Waste It =-.

I was definitely not a minimalist, am not now, but am striving to get there. I guess it was a result of having a baby which makes you purge a lot of things to make space for the things you really need for a new baby. Of course, having a baby makes you buy a whole lot of things that you eventually discover you don’t need, but that’s what craigslist is for! I also think it’s much easier and soothing on the eyes to come back to a clutter-free home – plus you don’t have to clean as much which… Read more »
Investing Newbie

This is also a minimalist list, since 10 is better than 8! LOL. But I agree on the minimalist outlook. Furthermore, if you wanted to expand on your picture choice, it is aesthetically pleasing. That room may be a bed and a couch, but it looks like $1,000,000.
.-= Investing Newbie´s last blog ..Can I Get a Treat Now? No? How About Now? =-.

Yikes, between you and the Coach, I really gotta get to work…I was looking around my place as I read your article and now I have to get rid of some stuff. I just moved here last year and don’t even have all my stuff. I guess that means I don’t need all this stuff. Okay…here goes…first I’m gonna clean the kitchen. Then feed the horses on the way to the trash can. I am selling a saddle on Ebay, which I will post tonight. And I have two bags of clothes going to goodwill. I guess that’s a good… Read more »

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