30 Days and 30 Nights of Guest Posting


So I feel like giving myself a challenge, and I want to experiment to see how fast I can grow this blog if I get it a big ol injection of guest posts (aka blogging steroids), so I’ve decided to give myself the goal of 60 guest posts this month.

It’s not going to be easy. March is actually a pretty busy month for me as I get ready to show you guys the Waikiki site , begin working on another super secret project (maybe I’ll tell you in the future if you’re lucky 😉 ), start my new job, and I’m having two of my buddies come visit me for a week.

60 guest posts, at least 30 posts on Planting Dollars, and over a hundred pages of content on the Waikiki site will mean that in March I plan on essentially writing a novel. An average novel is anywhere from 80,000 – 100,000 words to give you an idea of the goal.

I Need Your help!

Although I have a pretty good idea of some of the sites I’d like to guest post on, I still need to find more! I have some criteria I’m looking for and if you see a blog that fits it please let me know!

What I’m looking for

  • Blogs that rank at least 500k on Alexa.
  • Blogs that pertain to the 5 core concepts of the site or blogging in general.
  • Blogs that accept guest posts.

If you know of any blogs that fit the list above, or if your blog fits the criteria shoot me a comment below. This should be a fun, yet exhausting experience, but I’m excited to see how it affects Planting Dollars.

I’ll create an icon for this series on the left column with the other ongoing series and track the guest posts as they go live.

Do you know of any blogs I can guest post on?

Can I guest post on your blog?


Ambitious, but you can do it! I’m not at 500,000 ranking yet, but making strides. Good luck!
.-= RainyDaySaver´s last blog ..The Yakezie Alexa Challenge — I’m All In! =-.

Free Classifieds Blog
Free Classifieds Blog

Check out my blog and you’re welcome to guest post
.-= Free Classifieds Blog´s last blog ..Weekly Roundup February 22-28: Search Engine Optimization And Link Cloaking =-.


I am always accepting guest posts, especially from a Yakezie Member.
.-= Evan´s last blog ..My Favorite Saying and a Cool New Personal Finance Blogging Group =-.

Kiesha @ WeBlogBetter
Kiesha @ WeBlogBetter

I would just absolutely love it if you would do a guest post for my site. Weblogbetter has an Alexa ranking of 92,020 and Google 4/10. My followers would get a kick out of your super-engaging writing style. It’s the general “Blogging” niche, as you’ve probably already figured out, and I know you’d ad tremendous value.
What say you? Pick me! Pick me! (hand waving, jumping up & down in seat – yeah, I used to be that annoying kid) 🙂
.-= Kiesha @ WeBlogBetter´s last blog ..Blogger must reads – Weekly Link List (20 links) =-.


Ryan, you are ALWAYS welcome to guest post on my site. And I’m sure many of the other Yakezie members would be happy to have you as well.
.-= Daniel´s last blog ..How To Raise Your Credit Limit Without a Hard Inquiry =-.

Moon Hussain

Ryan, now that’s a might challenge. You’re always welcome to guest post on my blog, but do you mean regular rank of 500k or within US?

Mine’s nowhere where I’d like it to be, but here are the stats:
Alexa Traffic Rank

Traffic Rank in US

*Cough cough*

Like you, I’m trying to guest post. I should have something for you over the weekend.

Good luck!
.-= Moon Hussain´s last blog ..My Massive Passive Income Brain Dump: What Do You Think? =-.



It would be an honour to have you write a guest post for my blog. It’s ranking about 350K at the moment with Alexa. If it’s okay with you I’ll return the favour and write one for you!


.-= Paul´s last blog ..Rocky Road =-.

Ann Smarty

We’d love to have you at http://myblogguest.com/

There are plenty of well-know PF bloggers there and you can easily reach them by joining the forum.

You can also create your own thread there and announce your challenge.

If you join, I’ll includ your announcement to my newsletter (1000 + subscrebrs; most of them are bloggers who are heavily into guest posting thing).
.-= Ann Smarty´s last blog ..The Internet According to Nan =-.


You are always reaching above and beyond – like that you’re pushing yourself to SMART goals.

Since we’ve been carrying on side conversations and I have a lot of respect for your ideas, it would be great to have you as a guest post on my own site.

Could you break up the goal to alleviate some pressure on you by accepting guest posts as well? Not sure the data difference on traffic, but that could allow you to focus more on the site.
.-= FinEngr´s last blog ..Maximizing Value, The Opposite of Earn More Spend Less =-.

Rob Wagner SBA funding

I would love for you to do some guest posts on my blog. Shoot me out an email if you are interested.



You should have at least 40 takers with the Yakezie. You know you are always welcome on Eliminate the Muda!

Good luck!
.-= LeanLifeCoach´s last blog ..Financial Filing Systems =-.


I’m not in the 500,000 crowd yet, but I gained 60,000 yesterday and I’m expecting to be under 5 by March. I’d love to have you at my site. I think you fit my audience perfectly.

Want to do a guest post trade?
.-= Austin´s last blog ..A Guide to Traveling Internationally with Credit Cards =-.

Little House

Wow! That’s quite a goal. But, I’m sure you’ll achieve it. I finally broke out into the 400K range, so if you’d like to guest post (again – sort of if you count the interview), I’m all for it.

Let me know and good luck to you this month!

P.S. Don’t type so fast that you develop Carpal Tunnel!
.-= Little House´s last blog ..Wonderful Passive Income =-.

Wojciech Kulicki

You’re welcome to guest post on my site if you’d like!
.-= Wojciech Kulicki´s last blog ..Sizzlers for February 2010 =-.

Jeremy Johnson

Great Scott, you are a robot! But I admire your passion and dedication – and remember you are young, give it all you got. You’ve already made astounding progress. 10 years from now look back and smile on what you began creating just a few months ago.
.-= Jeremy Johnson´s last blog ..Introducing The First Wizard, Lisa Irby =-.

Financial Samurai

Wow, THIRTY guest posts over the next month? That’s incredible along with 30 posts on your own site.

Best of luck in your endeavors! Your “Failing Forward” guest post on Financial Samurai was excellent. Definitely hit up the Yakezie group. I know several folks would be happy to have you, including free from broke, eliminate the muda, and others.

You’re welcome to stop by my site as well.

Best, Sam
.-= Financial Samurai´s last blog ..Home Mortgage Refinancing Tips =-.


That’s what I call a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) Good luck with it.

My site’s avaliable if you need it 🙂

Yakezie baby
.-= Jeff´s last blog ..Net Worth – February 2010 =-.

Financial Samurai

It’s funny… I was so gung ho about guesting posting elsewhere until Wise Bread rejected my “How To Get Your Super Motivated Boyfriend To Marry You” post after initially accepting the outline, as well as my first guest post.

Ever since then, I’ve shied away. Maybe one day!
.-= Financial Samurai´s last blog ..Marketing Or Manipulation? =-.