Real Estate Investing

You may have already dabbled into real estate through home ownership, but are you ready to consider real estate as an investment? Real estate is a diverse, highly tangible investment that allows you to build sweat equity and make money immediately if you can buy it right.

We cover a wide array of topics in our section on Real Estate Investing Including:

Why should you invest in real estate
Is real estate investing for you?
What are the ways you can invest in real estate?
Do you need money to invest in real estate
How to find deals

The risk ladder of investment property

Real estate analysis
How to calculate cap rates
What are cap rates
How to calculate IRR
What is IRR
3 approaches to valuing a piece of property
5 tools for valuing real estate

5 Questions to ask every tenant
How to screen tenants
Why duplexes and fourplexes are often overpriced.

Commercial Real Estate