7 Things You Should Never Buy


Although you can’t go through life without spending money… unless you’re this guy, you can avoid making some stupid spending decisions. There are a few purchasing decisions that really stick out in my mind which I’ve listed below in the list of 7 things you should never buy.

1. Disposable cups and plates
They may cost a bit more up front, but having actual plastic or glass plates will save you money in the long haul since the only cost will be the water to wash them. You can also feel better about using them since disposable cups and plates will pile up in local landfills.

2. Paper Towels
This is the same concept as using actual plates and cups. Instead of buying paper towels consider using a rag or cloth which you can simply wash with water. It’s reusable for a long time and will save you money by decreasing your paper towel expenses. You can even use old shirts for rags when doing things like washing your car or cleaning your house.

3. Bottled Water
We already know that buying bottled water makes you look stupid, but it will also cost you more. By purchasing a filter, or realizing that most city’s water systems are up to the challenge you can decrease your waste, decrease oil consumption, and increase your savings.

4. Car Washes
Why not get out and enjoy the weather while getting a workout and enjoying your four wheel baby? Car washes use up a ton of energy, a lot more water, and probably don’t do nearly as good of job as you could 😉 Consider washing your own car next time, you’ll feel much better about it.

5. Food Delivery
Not only is food delivery expensive, but it also requires more fuel consumption, and is often unhealthy (think pizza or subs) which isn’t great for your health anyways. If you’re ordering out, you’re being plain lazy.

6. Basic Digital Cameras
If you have a semi-modern phone you probably already have a camera on it. So why do you need an additional basic camera? Either upgrade to a professional standard or upgrade your phone a tad so that you don’t need to purchase a basic camera.

7. Lottery Tickets
Sorry, but the odds are against you a little bit on this one. Although you do have the potential for a super huge payout, you are more likely going to waste away money that you could be using to make you money with passive income or investments.

Your wallet will thank you and you might even begin to feel better yourself if you reduce your spending on the 7 items listed above.

Image from booleansplit