45 Fun Things to Do For Free


One my favorite bands “Green Day” said it best when they said:

You’re bored if you’re boring

So with that in mind you shouldn’t be bored, especially if you don’t have a lot of money. In case you’re fresh out of ideas, here’s a list of 45 Fun Things to Do For Free. Any more ideas are more than welcome as comments below.

1. Live Music – Whether at a club, outdoors at parks, or during the Christmas season at the mall, live music can be found for free any time of the year.
2. Biking – The road is just the beginning of the adventure. Explore parks, trails, and parts of your town not accessible by car.
3. Geocaching – Explore new areas of your city and find treasure along the way.
4. Fishing – You might need a bit of money to buy a pole, but more than likely you can lend one from a friend. Best of all it might mean free dinner!
5. Explore the Arts – Tour local artist galleries and watch them paint in person.
6. Walk a Dog – Your local area humane society has plenty of pouncing puppies just waiting for you to unleash their energy.
7. Visit the Beach – Build a sandcastle, get a free tan, and splash in the water… all for free.
8. Give Blood – This may not sound like a lot of fun, but it’s definitely rewarding, and blood banks can always use more of the red stuff.
9. Go Thrifting – My friends and I would always do this when we were bored. We’d find the most ridiculous outfits and pick them up for just a few bucks then have a party themed around them. Granted it’s not free, but it’s pretty close.
10. Go to the Library – read books, watch movies, and browse the internet (are you at the library now 😉 ).
11. Water Fight – Find some balloons and have a water battle.
12. Snow Fight – Same thing as the water fight, but the water is frozen.
13. Build a Snowman – Frosty would’ve never existed unless somebody took part in this.
14. Take Free Online Courses – You can even browse the MIT education system for free!
15. Play a game of pickup basketball at the park.
16. Kick the Can – A classic game we’d play growing up. However I’d recommend using a plastic can rather than a rusty old metal one!
17. Build a Home – Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity and you’ll be able to learn new skills and change someone’s life for the better.
18. Bird Watching – You’ll probably find new birds in your area that you’ve never seen before. The other day I saw an owl in my area, haven’t seen one of those in years!
19. Swimming – wherever there’s water, perhaps just in the bath tub.
20. Snorkeling – You don’t have to be in paradise to explore, but at least 10 feet of visibility might make it worth while.
21. Petting Zoos – Often times there’s local petting zoos just steps away from the city. Watch out for the goats though!
22. Read a Good Book – Learning never hurt anyone.
23. Take a tour of a Vineyard – Local vineyards love new customers so learn about their processes, how the wine is made, and perhaps sample some… for free!
24. Join a Community Theatre – Put on those acting shoes and get out of your shell at the theatre.
25. Go to the Farmer’s Market – Eat healthier, meet new people, and listen to music.
26. Window Shop – If you don’t have a lot of money you can still pretend you do by window shopping.
27. Walk Through a College Campus – I love walking through my Alma mater since the campus is absolutely gorgeous.
28. Write a Novel – Alright, this is a pretty big task for just an afternoon, but writing can be relaxing and is absolutely free.
29. Plant a Tree – Many communities have tree parks where you can volunteer and add a little green to the area.
30. Botanical Gardens – Either walk through or volunteer for the day, either way scratch that green thumb.
31. Take a Nap – Probably one of my favorites on this list, you can do it almost anywhere.
32. Tour a Fire Station – You don’t have to be a kid to do this, and the lights never get old.
33. Brewery Tour – Find out more about how your local brews are made and perhaps sample one or two.
34. Cook new Foods – You’re going to have to pay for food either way, so why not have fun learning how to make new food?
35. Watch TV – Not too creative huh? Simply turn on the tube, or go to free sites like hulu.com.
36. Visit the Farm – Many farms will allow you to tour their facilities and learn how they raise animals and provide you with your groceries.
37. Build a Birdhouse – You can find scrap wood easily in your community, put it to good use for the birds.
38. Visit the Fair – State or County they’re fun either way.
39. Join a book club – Your library or the local book store will probably have groups that meet to discuss books.
40. Tour Historic Properties – Each community has a historic register of properties. Tour some of them and work on your photography skills.
41. Learn a New Language – There are plenty of sites online where you can go to learn a language for free.
42. Scrapbook – This isn’t my cup of tea, but start documenting your adventures with photos and memorable items.
43. Start a blog – Begin learning about building websites and social media, for free!
44. Teach yourself about computers – Rebuild an old computer or take apart your current one to learn how it works.
45. Learn the Piano – Or any instrument for that matter. Practice at the local old folks home if you don’t have your own.

Get Happy Life

I don’t think all of these things are completely free, but I find this post very inspiring. It gave me ideas on what could I do these days.
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Mama Kelly aka Jia

One of our favorite free activities is to go to our local park for a nature walk. Some wonderful memories are moments we’ve stumbled upon deer or a crane in flight.
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Little House

Great ideas! I especially love the dog-walking idea. I hadn’t thought about volunteering for such a fun activity. Of course I might just end up bringing one home and I’m pretty sure my cats would not be happy. 😉
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A very wise statement, as said by Greenday. Thanks so much for this list. I have to say some of suggestions there I wouldn’t have thought of until you pointed out. Very inspiring

Roman Soluk

Great list, Ryan! Thanks a lot for sharing this! Really inspiring post!
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Get Happy Life

Hey Ryan,

when is gonna be your next post? I really like your writing style.
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Make a perfect site

Great tips. Especially the “Start a blog”.
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