You Never Know What’s Around the Corner


If you turned on the TV earlier today or last night you probably saw that Chile experienced an 8.8 earthquake and a tsunami warning was issued for much of the Pacific Basin, including Hawaii. I didn’t find out until this morning actually, and was awoken to the sounds of sirens. Back home in Wisconsin these would have been for Tornadoes, so needless to say, I was a tad confused. After jumping online and talking to family I was clearly aware that where I was sitting (half mile from the ocean) might be underwater in a few hours.

I’m not writing for pity or for any kind of sympathy, if you have any apply it in the direction of Chile, but rather to say that you never know what’s around the corner. The reason I bring this up is because many of us fear not being financially secure or owning that big house, or having the super successful career, however in the end how much does it really matter? One event can change your life and perception forever so I ask you not to define yourself by these things.

One of the questions to ask yourself to see if you’re in line with your purpose is “if I died today would I have regrets?” Death is always lingering and ever present in our lives. One slip or accident separates you from the world you live in now. The world where you have the ability to do whatever you dream, but are often imprisoned by fear. Fear of regret motivates me more than the fear of failure and I hope it does with you as well.

We lucked out today and there wasn’t any damage here on Oahu, but Chile wasn’t so lucky. Instead of writing this post with the electricity still working and in full health I could’ve been in Waikiki looking for bodies tonight. It’s almost surreal to think about that.

You never know what’s around the corner, so live the life that matters to you and makes you happiest, not the one that fits the norm and will cause regret on your deathbed.

I want to thank those of you who sent me messages earlier today of concern before we lucked out here in Hawaii. Your sentiments were appreciated.

Yesterday was normal, this morning was not, you just never know what’s around the corner.

If you’re interested, here’s a link to How to help Chile as they recover from the earthquake.

Tom | Build That List

That is always an interesting questions. ‘would I have regrets’, I think that currently I probably would have quite a few, but that why I am doing everything that I am doing, because I am working towards a life of no regrets!
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Financial Samurai

Ryan, you write “this morning was not”. What is the on the ground news? Are officials saying to stay away from the shores for a couple days?

BTW, check out the badge Greg-San put together: Pretty neat!

No regrets in life if we keep on trying.

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Little House

Good to hear Hawaii was spared. I totally agree with you though, mother nature can wreck havoc at any time. I live in CA, so I’ve experienced how one minute your sleeping, and the next, your shaking like a milk shake! Living life to the fullest is important on every given day.
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Moon Hussain


Glad you’re okay in Hawaii. I was pretty shocked to hear by Chile, esp. since what Haiti went through.

It’s awful that it can take things like that to put things into perspective. Hope you’re okay out there. Keep us updated.
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Pleasing to hear you’re okay.

Your thoughts are very interesting; I like the following:
“The world where you have the ability to do whatever you dream, but are often imprisoned by fear. Fear of regret motivates me more than the fear of failure and I hope it does with you as well.”

We sometimes fail to realise how lucky we are and how close to the otherside we really are.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


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Happy to hear you are alright! I thought of you when they mentioned Waikiki on the news.
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Search Engine Viking

Glad to hear you’re okay as well. Crazy chain of events, that’s for sure. It’s really cool that you’re giving a shout out to help the folks in Chile – pretty classy man 🙂

As for your point: It’s great. Reminds me of a saying someone told me a while ago “Nobody ever says ‘I wish I would have put more time in at the office’ when they are on their death bed…”
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Ryan, I thought of you when I saw the Tsunami warnings on the news.

What a crazy world blogging and the Internet has opened up – that I had thoughts about someone I’ve never met, somewhere I’ve never been, half a world away.

I know it’s the new normal, but I hope I never quite take it for granted.


Just to be contrary – if you’re a true businessman and that’s your love in life, is it so bad that you wish you’d done more deals and so on?

Is it that different from someone who loves surfing wishing he’d found a few more great breaks?

I understand that most people aren’t like that, but if that’s your passion… seems to keep Warren Buffett young!
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Search Engine Viking

That’s a good point, Monevator. If it’s what you love, it’s what you love – no crime in that 🙂
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Also asking yourself, “what would I do tomorrow and the next 5 years if money weren’t an option?” is a good way to bring some perspective into your life. I unfortunately don’t have an answer for that right now, but I need to start working on it.

Great message, Ry. Can I call you Ry?