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by Ryan

One of my income streams is a part time evening/weekend gig of bartending. I’ve been bartending since I was in college and find it to be a fun job (at times), that has a good hourly rate so I do it as a side hustle to pay most of my bills so that I can save the majority of my day job income.

This is where I track how much I make as a bartender, which should be insightful for anyone aspiring to become a bartender. I track how much I make per hour in tips, my base pay hourly, then average these out on a shift and monthly basis to show about how much on average I make bartending part time.

My goal is to make $1,000 a month income from bartending, which will allow me to pay the majority of my living expenses so I can save the vast majority of my full time job income.

Bartending Income by Month

Click on any of the months to see a detailed breakdown of that month’s earnings.

June – $1104
July – $1441
August – $933
September – $1317
October – $457

Some common questions I get about bartending include:
How much do bartenders make?
How can I get started as a bartender?
Whats the best / worst thing about being a bartender?
Do you have any advice about bartending / getting start?

Post image is the bar where I currently work, pretty snazzy huh?

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