Home Ownership

Are you interested in buying a home or saving money with your existing home? You’ve come to the right page. We’ll discuss things including the benefits of homeownership, if you should consider buying, how the buying process works, what to look for when buying, along with tips on saving money after you close on your home.

Home ownership is something that many work years to achieve and the feeling of having a place to call “home” is priceless because of the memories built there and the feeling of security that comes from having your very own place.

Home Ownership in General
Are homes a good investment?

Buying a Home
How to start your home search?
5 tools for researching
How are homes valued?
How to tell if your market is overvalued?
Checking days on market for properties
How to find bank owned homes.

Saving Money Once You Own
Are your taxes too high?
Saving home energy
Tax credits for homeowners
Plants that can remove the need for a lawn
Turn your backyard into a business
Fish Farming at home.

Selling Your Home