What Does Your Job History Look Like?


Steve Pavlina, one of my favorite bloggers wrote an article about quitting and odd jobs. He highlights David Allen, who now is a successful author and entrepreneur who, according to Steve, makes up to $6 million a year. You can read his full post quitting to win, here.

In the post he mentions that Allen had an array of jobs before finally becoming successful. I wonder if each of these jobs have helped him become the success he is today, or if they were simply fillers to pay the bills while he worked on his business on the side. Some of the jobs he had include:

  • cab driver
  • landscaper
  • vitamin distributor
  • glass-blowing lathe operator
  • travel agent
  • gas station manager
  • U-Haul dealer
  • moped salesman
  • restaurant cook
  • business consultant

None of these seem to be related directly, so what made Allen successful?  What are your thoughts?

Looking back at my life here are the jobs I’ve done, in order, starting at age 14 up til now at age 23.

  • Interior Car Washing
  • Dietary Aid at an assisted living facility
  • Roof Truss Assembler
  • Landcaping and Lawn Care
  • Phone Book Delivery
  • Barback
  • Project Manager Intern
  • Bartender
  • Insurance Sales Intern
  • Realtor
  • Project Manager
  • Small Business owner (failed)
  • Web Developer

Notice that each of these things are quite different.  I believe that this is important as each job and experience in life teaches us something different.  Whether that’s a skill or life trait, everything you do has a lesson and can teach you something, if you’re willing to listen that is.

What are some of the odd jobs you’ve done in your life?  Feel free to share your list as well as it would be interesting to hear what your career / business ownership journey looks like.


Wow…let’s see if I can remember them all. Since the age of 15:

Youth Conservation Corps Worker
Subway Sandwich Artist
SnoCone maker
Outdoor store (retail)
Express (at the mall – retail)
Cocktail Waitress
Law Clerk
Advertising Manager
Marketing Director
Account Manager

And where am I now? I’m not the least bit interested in what I went to school for (advertising). I’m in the process of trying to figure out my life’s path at age…29! Yeah!
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I had a ton of jobs before my real career started.
Ski Instructor
Retail Sporting Goods
Veterinary Technician
Exercising Racehorses
Then my real job….protecting lives and property.
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Investing Newbie

I haven’t been working too long, but here goes:

Day Camp Counselor
HR Intern
Tech Service Intern
Starbucks Barista
Community Development Intern
Compensation Assistant
Financial Analyst

Listing those out, I definitely see growth. I wonder how this list will look like 10 years from now…
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Let’s see:

Food service worker (server/loader/unloader of giant washer)
Security (not really – I just checked IDs of students using a facility)
Helpdesk consultant
Research intern
Management intern (not really – they mostly used me as a cashier)
Pyramid scheme victim
Data entry monkey
Code monkey
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Cashier at Trader Joes (this was before they had the scan, so my buddy’s would come in and everything would be .29 cents to 1.29).
Life Guard (BEST JOB EVER!)
Telemarkter for Magazines
Stock Boy at Victoria’s Secret (I shit you not…THIS WAS the 2nd best job ever, I got sexually harassed EVERYDAY, and LOVED IT)
Vitamin Shoppe
Law Office Bitch for a Large firm (filing papers and stocking sodas)
A Couple of Judicial Clerkships/Law Intern positions
An associate in a small defense insurance firm

And then today:
Director of Financial Planning
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Money Funk

Oh Thriftygal, sorry to hear you were a victim of the pyramid scheme. And Evan, why did you quit the stock boy job? Isn’t it happiness over $? LOL.
Let’s see if I can reaccount:

Sales Clerk for Fabric King
Cashier for Pizza place on Haight St., San Francisco
Phone S*x operator
Cocktail Waitress
Exotic dancer
Cashier Carl’s Jr.
Manager for KayBee Toys
Bagel Maker
Admin Assistant
Pathology Lab Assistant (loved this job but pay was too low)
Data Entry Clerk
Clinical Research Associate

Wow, guess I grew up. LOL. Wonder what the future holds. CEO of my fortune 500 company. 😉
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Financial Samurai

Guess I really only had one job before my career if we exclude internships, and that was being the best egg McMuffin maker at McDonald’s during high school!

I knew it Money Funk… about the 3rd job on your list! 🙂
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Money Funk

FS: it paid the bills. 😉
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Financial Samurai

Nothing wrong with paying the bills! Heck, I recommend Ryan start a manly escort service in HAwaii due to all the wealthy folks out there, but he hasn’t responded 🙂

Just saying, I knew there was something to your voice! Wait, maybe I spoke to you before… oops, just outed myself.
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I’m 51 so I had to really think back…… Many years were spent as Mom with other jobs around that. Babysitting at age 13 after school and as a live-in during the summer Fast Food – McD (lasted 4 weeks) Dishwasher, Janitor in HS Door to door sales (I was nearly attacked by a wolf) Library Assistant in HS and College Door to door sales of Encyclopedias (I was terrible at this!) Home Economics Sewing Lab Assistant in College Recreation Therapy Aide at Saint Helena Hospital Nursing Home night person – – (age 18 and the only one working all… Read more »
Jeremy Johnson
Let’s see, from what I can first remember to now * Assistant to my dad, cleaning his rental properties (childhood). * Data entry for library cards (post high school, college) – the biggest challenge with this job was staying awake while I did it. * Teacher’s assistant at the college I was going to – this one was fun! I got to go around the room and answer students questions and solve their problems. * Web developer (post college) – the sole developer for a company called knowligent.com – not jsut the developer – the server admin, designer, programmer, customer… Read more »
Jeremy Johnson

Edit: I met the guy in college, not high school, who I helped do his drop shipping website.
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