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by Ryan

This is the third series I’m starting this week, but I believe it’s a great time to do so. Next week I won’t be starting any more series, but will be adding a lot more content to each.

Since quitting my job, I think this is an excellent time to go through how to search for a job, questions to consider during your hunt, how to stand out, and ultimately how to get the job you want. This will be a walk-thru based on my own experiences and useful advice I’ve gained along the way and will share with you.

Job hunting can be a fun experience and should be something you can do to show off your unique skills and abilities.

Get That Trophy Job
1. Quitting your current job
2. Deciding on what you’d like to do
3. Finding a potential employer
4. Custom resume writing, tailoring for success

In the near future we’ll talk about how to define your search, how to accent your talents, writing a resume, interviewing, and ultimately landing the job. In the meantime, you’ll see how I use this to get a job myself.

Happy Hunting!

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Sharon March 3, 2010 at 8:28 am

Hi Ryan
Just a comment to say, I LOVE your work!!!!!

Your site it’s brimming full of useful info unlike so many other blogs, I can see you’ve worked your socks off to get this just right! I’m an internet newbie and like you have decided to quit my job (eeek) and enter the big bad world of internet marketing. I would love to know were you got your graphics from as I have’nt seen anything similar on the net, could you forward on a few tips on were to source good graphics, I would sooo appreciate it? Oh and you will of course be top of the list for free back links when my site is getting a zillion visitors a month ; )
P.s my site is all about interview questions and currently ‘under construction’, who knows maybe we could do a JV in the future if you are interested as my ‘unwavering belief’ is it’s going to be a BIG success : )


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