How to Become a Millionaire in 3 Years


How to Become a Millionaire in 3 YearsI recently watched a TED talk titled “how to be a millionaire in 3 years,” which was presented by Daniel Ally. By the age of 24 Daniel became a self made millionaire. He went from living in his mom’s basement at age 20 and recovering from drugs, to being successful. He laid out three main tips for anyone looking to replicate his success and to become a millionaire in three years.

Read More Books

Read the books that help solve your problems. If you want to learn about money, read books that talk about money. Here’s a list of the top personal finance books that I recommend you start on.

If you are really motivated to become successful reading books, watching videos and listening to audio books will not even feel like work because you’ll enjoy the process of growing your mind.

Get a free trial of which allows you to listen to books if you’re not into reading.

On my way to success I’ve read hundreds of books and even if I take just one little thing from each book, that’s hundreds of steps I’ve taken towards molding myself to be successful.

You don’t have to even spend any money, your library card is one of the biggest assets you have.

The average person only reads one book a year. If you spent just 10 minutes a day focusing on what you want to get better through reading you can read a book a month, which is equivalent to 12 books a year! That means you’ll have a 12 times more likely chance to succeed than your peers just by reading or listening to educational material for a few minutes each day.

Always be hungry, always be eager to learn.

Become a Millionaire Read More Books

Surround Yourself With People Who Push You

If you want to be a millionaire within three years, start surrounding yourself with people who have done exactly that, or know how it can be done through their own successes.

It’s been proven that you’re the sum total of the five closest people to you. That means if the five closest people to you are all poor with terrible attitude, you’ll often be poor and have a terrible attitude as well. The best way to become wealthy is to surround yourself with wealthy people.

How can you do that you surround yourself with people who push you?

You can find wealthy people in your area and ask them out to lunch. You can use social media to connect with others. You can find investor groups that take on new members, possibly on websites such as You can even ask if anyone knows of someone who is success that you can get referred to.

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How I started hanging out with people who were successful in real estate.

When I started out learning about real estate in college, I wrote letters to local real estate investors who were successful. Many did not answer, but I didn’t give up and eventually got to have several lunches with one gentleman who ran a fund of over $20 million dollars in real estate assets. I had offered to pay, but he insisted to pay for me and was happy to find someone eager to learn and listen about the work he did. He simply told me to pay it forward when I was in his shoes later on in life.

Spending only a few lunches with him opened my eyes to the possibilities of investing in real estate. These were invaluable lessons!

People like to be with people who have similar beliefs. If you have a poor mentality, wealthy people will find it harder to connect. If you believe in a life of abundance and possibility, you’ll find people who share the same values and are comfortable around you. Not only that, they’ll be eager to help you since your values align with theirs.

Set Big Goals

How to Become a Millionaire Set Big GoalsSet BIG goals and be sure to write them down! If you have a big goal it pushes your brain to find ways to achieve it. Becoming a millionaire in three years is a BIG goal, but I’m willing to be that 99.99% of the people around you aren’t pushing themselves towards that big of a goal, and that’s why it’s possible. You’re not like everyone!

When setting goals try the 20 Idea Method. What’s the 20 Idea Method you ask?

Choose one big goal, in this instance being a millionaire in three years, then list out 20 ideas the can help you reach your goal. This works because you need to break down your big goal into actionable steps and things you can do without being overwhelmed with the size of the goal.

Here are 5 things you could this very moment to work towards becoming a millionaire
-Read the books on this list.
-Sign up for and start downloading ebooks about finance that you can listen to on your commute for free!
-Discover ways that you can earn extra money.
-Learn how to invest that extra money.
Create a new business that can make you more money.

There are a ton more ways you can work on becoming a millionaire, but if you really want to do it. Make a list of 20 things that you can do to work towards that goal.

So in summary, if you want to become a millionaire in three years start reading material from those who have done it before, surround yourself with people who can push you to get there, and set a BIG goal so that your brain focuses on how to achieve it.

Have you watched the TED talk about how to become a millionaire in three years? What are some other tips you have to become successful in a short period of time?