Debt Stories

If seeing is believing this page is sure to turn you into a believer of what’s possible when it comes to getting out of debt. The best way is often to read the experiences of others and gain insight and knowledge from their experiences. You’ll also be able to draw motivation and an understanding that may have been lacking prior.

Knowing you’re not alone and that debt is something many people, just like you, struggle with is important to understand. You’re not a bad person because of your debt, you just need to find a way to better manage your finances. Keep reading to find out just how others have accomplished just that.

Hopefully you’ll find motivation in the success of others and utlimately get out of debt as well.

How we payed off $30,000 in debt

A story featured on msn money about a _____ family

I had hoped for a magic solution, but when that didn’t happen, my husband and I tried more-ordinary — and more-difficult — means. This is how we did it.”

Read how they payed off $30,000 in debt.

How we got out of debt: from $50k to $0 in less than a year.

Overcoming $70,000 in Debt

How I Paid Off Over $70,000 in Debt and Quit My Job

how she paid off over $70,000 in debt.

Overcoming $250,000 in debt

You probably don’t have this much debt, but a personal finance blogger at accumulated over a quarter of a million dollars in day trading debt!

If you want to read his story and his thoughts on his debt you can read about them here.

Paying off Over $90,000 in Student Loans in 10 Months

Check out this article about how a 26 year old college graduate spent 10 months devoting his life to paying off his college loans of $90,000.

Need More Motivation?

Although these stories are a great primer you may not have been able to easily connect with them. If you’re still not motivated and eager to tackle your debt you may want to consider reading:

Motivation for getting out of debt

How to get out of debt fast – this article talks about taking every necessary action to get rid of your debt as fast as possible. Sometimes it’s better to get rid of it quick, much like ripping off a band-aid it’s better to do it all at once than string it along.

Ready to Start Getting Out of Debt?

You’ve found that motivation, you’re blood’s pumping and you’re ready to take charge of your life, but where do you start?

Consider visiting our page on getting out of debt which will walk you through the process and give you tips on getting out of debt.

You may also want to start at the beginning.

Where’s that?

Read about the (first step to getting out of debt).

Have a Story to Share?

Do you have your own debt story or know of another person’s that you’d like to share with us and publish on this page? We’d be more than happy to hear your story and give you credit for it.

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